FAQs and Advisories...

Many questions come up when you're thinking about wearing something a bit different in public. After all, you're bucking decades of tradition in neckwear. Here are a few Q&A, and if you have others please let us know.


First, a positive non-disclaimer: When you wear the SolaTie, it is instantly recognizable as a tie or as a variation on a scarf or ascot, and thus perfectly within the bounds of fashion. But equally important, it adds something new to the fashion landscape.


Here we go:


1) Why should I wear the SolaTie?

  • It requires no knot, saving you time and patience.
  • It feels really great not to have a knot at your throat.
  • You get to wear jewelry if you like, for instance a clip or clasp that might say something about you.
  • It adds a new, original element to your wardrobe that fits many occasions (see below).
  • It's an instant conversation piece at a party, and you'll receive compliments for your good taste and admiration for being a fashion innovator.


2) Where should I wear the SolaTie?

  • At parties, parties, parties!
  • At nice dinners out with spouse, significant other, friends and/or family.
  • At conferences and professional meetings (believe it or knot!) where there isn't a strict dress code, but at which you want to look spiffy but be comfortable as the day wears on, so to speak.
  • At weddings, to add some subtle but memorable spice to the affair.
  • Any other occasion where a touch of original elegance and flair is in order.


3) Who should wear the SolaTie?  Well, just about everyone is fair game for the untied look, including:

  • Those wanting to add a bit of color to their outfit without unduly encumbering the neck.
  • Those wanting to be in the fashion vanguard.
  • Those with traditional ties in their closets quietly hoping to be re-purposed as SolaTies.
  • Those who don't mind being the center of attention at parties.
  • Those wanting to be different in at least some respect, before the untied look totally catches on.


4) How should I wear the SolaTie?

  • Happily, knowing that you're both comfortable and in the fashion vanguard.
  • In any number of ways, just one of which is described here, and some of which you will discover on your own.
  • Using tried-and-true fashion advisories concerning colors and patterns as you choose your outfit. Pay attention and look sharp!


5) Are you suggesting I not wear regular ties, ever?

Not at all. The traditional knotted tie, in all its variations, looks great and will never go out of style. All we want to do at SolaDesigns is expand the options for neckwear and other garments. So keep knotting as necessary, but know there are alternatives out there...


6) How much is a SolaTie, and what's the turn around time should I order one?


In the range of $80-100 plus shipping, depending on materials, and includes a SolaClip (see the SolaTie page for an image of that, scroll down). Delivery time depends on demand, which is currently low since this is a brand new concept. For now, it will be first come first serve, delivery in a couple of weeks. If the demand increases we will scale up production to meet it, trying not to keep you waiting too long.


More FAQ to come as further questions get asked, and answered. Got one? Be in touch.


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