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The SolaTie is our first offering, designed to liberate the neck from the tyranny of the traditional necktie. See the banner above and the image gallery for more examples, mixed in with some pictures of the SolaScarf.


The SolaTie, or untie, isn't tied around the neck with a traditional knot. Instead, it's secured with a tie clip or clasp (see an example of our design for that below) as the tie crosses below the throat or across the chest. Both ends of the tie are about the same width, about half that of an ordinary tie, and they end in a sharp diagonal that gives them a lighter, livelier, and distinctly original look. SolaTies are made 5-6 inches shorter than traditional ties because they don't require a knot.


Using a clasp or clip isn't the only way to wear the SolaTie. Among many other possibilities, you can do a "pass through" loop in which the tie goes through itself (again, see the image gallery).


SolaTies can be made by converting regular silk ties, giving them new life. Or they can be made from scratch using just about any material you like, so long as it isn't too heavy or unwieldy. If you're interested in ordering one, be in touch about what you'd like made.


Below we show how to wear it using the clip. But feel free to invent alternatives and let us know about them. There is no single, right way to wear it, so dare to be different!


Here's how to wear the SolaTie using a tie clip or clasp:


I) Place it around the neck under the collar as you would a regular tie:

2) Make the left side a little longer than the right, then cross the tie, left over right:

3) Take the clip (the SolaClip is shown, but you can use a regular tie clip) and starting from the right…

4) …secure the tie to itself (not to the shirt) by attaching the clip just above where the tie crosses, making sure it grips both parts of the tie tightly against each other:

5) Wear the clip straight across, as shown below:

6) Or at an angle, going up from your right to left:

And there you have it. As we usually say around here: Why knot?









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